Ellie the Brumby (1991)

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Ellie the Brumby (1991)

Post by moonbuggy » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:04 pm

Not the targa I've been on the hunt for, but I couldn't resist:


For SA, she was a good price for a brumby with minimal rust, and red was my first brumby love so...

I am now the third owner. The first owner had her until 2016; she kept on top of the maintenance and only drove around town. The second owner lives out past Gawler and only drove her occasionally, and not at all for the last 6 months, so she's in need of some TLC but he did replace the radiator and shocks. She's got 234,621 ks on the clock.

The paint on the tailgate is not so hot but she makes up for it by being relatively straight. Let's see how long it takes me to add a few new dings.


The rubber looks awfully original so I'm expecting a horror story once the windscreen comes out. Fingers crossed it won't require a date with a welder.


The rust (I currently know about) is relatively small but is kicking off in quite a few places so I'll be progressively tackling that... and undoubtedly never stop.

There's quite the oozy doozy of a mess to be cleaned up before I can figure out the source/s of the oil leaks. Fortunately I like getting my hands dirty. 


She'll live in my brother's garage until I can get the oil leaks sorted, the brake pads replaced, the windscreen out and whatever rusty terror lurks there slain, get the AC blowing cold air again, and treat her to fresh oils/filters/belts/spark plugs etc. In the meantime I have 'Pickle', my '02 Outback to keep me puttering about.

And then of course the 'wish list' begins: power steering, new wheels, new seats, that long sporty dash, more powerful headlights, maybe a roll bar... 

For the gamers among us, her name comes from the tiny but mighty Ellie of The Last of Us.

So yeah, she's not a targa but she's still pretty sweet. I think we're gonna have a blast.

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