Forum/Global settings question

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Forum/Global settings question

Post by El_Freddo » Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:56 pm

G'day mods,

How can we change the number of posts seen on each page in a thread? For example, my built thread on Ruby Scoo has about 500 posts to one page!!!

I can't find any user settings to adjust this. I was initially happy to live with it but there are some threads that (awesomely) have a wad of photos to upload each time you view/update the thread.

Can this be either changed to say, 20 posts per page across the entire board regardless of member or visitor, or is there a way to open this option up to members to customise how many posts they see per page of a thread? --> similar to the default setting for your signature, all are set to not have a signature posted, I've since found this and set mine to have a signature automatically posted.


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