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Please Help

Post by 8U57ER » Fri Oct 01, 2021 11:07 pm

hi guys and gals

so i removed my intake manifold to replace pcv and other sensors and it started to rain so i quickly threw a tarp over the motor thinking it was going to protect it, wasnt i wrong. i now have water in the cylinder black and water in my turbo inlet how screwed am i?

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Re: Please Help

Post by El_Freddo » Sat Oct 02, 2021 9:52 am

Not screwed! Since you found it and haven’t turned the engine over you will be fine.

Remove all the spark plugs and disconnect the crank angle sensor (this will disable injectors and spark)

Crank the engine a number of times, can do it by hand first if you want, starter will jet it out either way. I’d recommend spraying a lubricant into each cylinder as there will be a tiny bit of residual water in there.

Does the turbo have a 90 degree elbow on the front of it? To clean the turbo I’d remove it while you have the intake manifold off. Tip the water out, spray some WD40 in there and tip it out again. Or leave the turbo sitting overnight so the water can drain out.

There might be a tiny bit of water in the exhaust, I wouldn’t worry about it. This should “steam off” with a start of the engine or a decent run once back together.

Don’t forget to reconnect the crank angle sensor!

Then it would be best to do an oil change as some water may end up in the sump and it could be enough for milky oil which you’ll want to avoid!


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