Brumby conversion engine won't start WTF

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Brumby conversion engine won't start WTF

Post by Scoobie Doobie » Thu Jun 30, 2011 2:07 pm

hey guys

i'm in the final stages of converting to an ej20g in my 89 brumby, so far its been an experience but its getting a bit frustating. the donor engine came of a 92 gx liberty which had the ej20g put into it, the wiring and ecu are gx originals, i transfered the lot over into the brumby and just spliced in the non efi fuel pump into the ej harness hoping to aviod all the electircal hassels. the engine ran fine in the liberty prior to the conversion but once in the brumby ran a bit slugishly. turns out the old pump was on its last legs and died shortly after, consequently didn't fill up the surge tank and the engine wouldn't kick over. ended up buying a new one from auto one and once plumbed in and temporarily wired up ran like a dream, disconected it to wire it up properly and now the engine wont start again. when cranking the engine over the engine will but not all the time intermitently start, caugh a few time and then nothing again. i've replaced all fuel filters, cheched for good voltage at the pumps,checked all the grounds, checked all fuses and fuel relay, checked all vacum hoses, i gave it a squirt or two of start ya bastard to see if it kicks over but its the same a few caughs and an ocasional rev. thinking it may be a spark issue, but checking it with a ignition tester i get sparks, but i'm not sure how bright they should be and sometimes they're a bit random.... is the coilpack roasted???? i just put in a new igniter so surely its not that...anyone with some suggestion???



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Post by RSR 555 » Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:00 pm

Try running it with the pump like you did the first time.. that way you can eliminate your wiring as the issue.
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Re: Brumby conversion engine won't start WTF

Post by adstrac » Sun May 24, 2020 3:54 pm

Hi Guys,

I too am at this stage of my build, I got a EJ20G WRX STi 1994 GC8 half cut from Ichiban and rebuilt it, transferred all the original loom from that to the brumby. I have spark, cam and crank signals are coming through, checked the loom from the ECU to each injector (negative) and have only 0.2 Ohms resistance through each wire, the positive wire has constant 12v power. The injectors have about 10.8 ohms resistance each, fuel pressure is ok, am getting start signal through to ECU 12v when cranking then back to 0v as it should.

Only thing I can't get to happen is to get the injectors to pulse (inject) when they are meant to.....

Wondering what you found out to be your issue?


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Re: Brumby conversion engine won't start WTF

Post by El_Freddo » Sun May 24, 2020 11:43 pm

Hey Adam,

What did you have rebuilt? Whole engine/top end rebuild/just a cam belt kit swap?

If the engine has sat for a period of time the injectors might be stuck.

I don’t know if or when Scoobie Doobie will reply. Kind of funny (but not), your both named Adam! Coincidence?? :lol: sorry, I couldn’t help myself!

All the best with it!


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