Hello from Victoria

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Hello from Victoria

Post by Andrew_Doppel » Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:57 am

Hi Everyone,

New to Ausubaru but have been reading tips from the old forums whilst l slowly restore my 1988 Brumby. Glad to be on board and hopefully get some more helpful tips.

My family involved themselves in Subarus from the moment my brother-in-law was employed by Subaru in Sydney and became Dealer Principle in Melbourne. He's now out of Subaru but still has a strong connection with them.

Besides the nephew's, mother-in-law, mother, who all have Subies, my direct family have five Subies, my daily is a 2018 Outback and I'm restoring the Brumby, my wife's daily is a 2012 XV, my son has a 2007 Hawkeye Impreza as his daily and he has just picked up a totally unmolested 2000 Gc8 Club Spec 4 (no. 8/250 sedans), which he is going to restore. And finally my daughter who can't drive just yet is saving for a 2011/12 RS Impreza.

Thanks again for the add and l look forward to seeking advice in the future.

Cheers Andrew

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Re: Hello from Victoria

Post by El_Freddo » Sun Oct 21, 2018 3:58 pm

Welcome to the forum Andrew!

Throw up some pics when you get a chance. Maybe in abuild thread;)

The subi boys had some awesome ground up rebuilds done on ppl’s Subaru’s of the brumby vintage. I haven’t looked to see if their pics are still there. I hope so because they did some crazy magic work!



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