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Post by RubysueEA82 » Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:21 pm

G'day people,

Thought I'd join up here and paste a bit of stuff from facecrack...

Just been to the wrecker for a heater box and have been disappointed to find plastic heater core tanks... does anyone rebuild or replace them in brass?

Newish to this Subaru affliction but my little missus has an L wagon (93 build? EA82) and I'd thought I'd get some input from the experts... might even spend a penny on the forum... lol.

I've upgraded the headlight wiring & found two different globes fitted, one H4 and the other a vandalised H4 that I understand should be a H6. I'm looking to replace the whole light assy because that one is cracked but what year did they change?

It promptly spat a RH timing belt at 200140km so I've been through that, new genuine water pump, all new hoses & rocker cover gaskets while it was apart.

5000km on and sadly the green stuff started piddling out of the dash yesterday so I'm wondering who has a wagon I can tear apart for a heater core. I'm we'll versed in general car dash removal but I'd like to get some practice before attacking the "good" car. My limited experience of a local specialist wrecker has found them in the range of mildly helpful to tell him he's dreamin'

I'd like to find a cluster with a tachometer if they're available? I understand there's some differences but something that counts revs & has an idiot light for oil pressure would be fine.

As for wheels & tyres, I don't see a lift kit coming anytime but tyres will be needed soonish. It mainly does city work with some dirt road but not much "hardcore" 4wd action. Do I find some more stock wheels & some sort of knobby snow tyre to bolt on for the occasional Flinders Ranges trip? Do they have a 14" that doesn't hang outside the body? I've yet to try her out but there could be call for some street legal sticky hoops for tarmac hillclimbs... I actually put SAAB 15" wheels on my old Galant wagon for those events.

We're in Adelaide & she actually wants to drive to Melbourne in a few days so there's some urgency but it won't stop proceedings.

Anyhoo, hope you guys can help, I'm off to fit some HID lights on it today;)



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Welcome ...

Post by Bantum » Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:31 am

Gidday Anthony,

Your most welcome to add to the chorus, as there a few from Adelaide on here with L series subies, so will let them tell you all about it.

Do note that there's a fair bit of light reading / searching through the past items to find help that most questions have been answered already.

Tip : I'd check up on the 'Wheel Reference Guide' for 140 PCD stuff ... ;)

Be sure to post some pictures of your ride too !

Cheers, Bantum ...

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Post by mattw » Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:06 am

Welcome! I have an ad in the For Sale section of the forum..... derr, just realised you've been there already. And to cut my own lunch, U-Pull-It is your best bet for L series stuff. They invite you to practice pulling their cars apart. 😊 You might find a set of 14" white steelies. Old Peugeot wheels are your other option, but the imperial size ones are like hens teeth.

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Post by El_Freddo » Mon Jul 06, 2015 1:19 pm

Welcome to the forum mate!

As for the heater core, I purchased an all brass/copper unit a few years back from my local radiator joint. It cost about $220 from memory but I know I won't have a plastic end tank blow out in the cab (again!).

The Touring wagon came out with the tacho dash. You will need to do a re-pin of the wiring behind the dash. Also best to try and get the date of build as close to your L as possible as Subaru had a tendency to add or change a wire or three between build dates.

There are options for 14 inch rims, Phil Neil's latest rim is a good looking affordable option IMO.

Loads more on the L's to look at/tell you about, continue reading the


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