Subaru Outback GX-204KH stereo - DIY Aux Mod - $2.85 total.

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Subaru Outback GX-204KH stereo - DIY Aux Mod - $2.85 total.

Post by jonchaka » Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:08 pm

We have recently purchased an '07 Outback to replace the Magna the missus was driving.
Rather than throw several hundred at a facia / double din H/U, I scoured the net and found enough info to add the Aux port for $2.85.
$2.85 for 1M of cable and a female 3.5mm inline stereo socket from JayCar.

I thought I'd share how to do it, since I found some of the info here.
The dirty bench isn't mine.

Remove the stereo.
There is multiple write ups, youtube videos and other guides on this, so I won't be covering that..

Once out, do the following:

Remove the screws on both sides.

The unit will pull away from the front easily.

Remove the 3 screws on each side.

Remove the screws on the back.
There are 2 longer screws here, make note of them.

Remove the screws and ribbon cable to release the circuit board.
The ribbon cable may be stuck, try grab as close to the socket and pull out AFTER disengaging the brown part of the clip.

The bottom of the PCB, Aux Socket location.

Solder on the audio cables and bridge pins 4 & 7.
The factory socket has a switch inside that tells the Head unit to enable to AUX Mode.
Bridging these pins will permanently enable the AUX mode.

Tie a knot in the cable around 10cm / 4 inches. This cable will pass through a inner hole in the stereo casing directly near the solder point.
The knot will prevent the cable being ripped out.

I didn't take another photo here, I forgot to reconnect the CD Ribbon, so will update....

I drilled a 5mm hole behind the CD section of the head unit.
There is approx 20-30mm of space there, more than enough to feed the cable up and out.
I attached the 3.5mm socket after. No photos, but you can find that info online.

It works!

My plan is to use a blue tooth car receiver off ebay that has the prev, forward and pause buttons. When it arrives I'll update.
In the mean time I just pushed the cable out the bottom of the passenger side directly below the head unit area.

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Re: Subaru Outback GX-204KH stereo - DIY Aux Mod - $2.85 tot

Post by El_Freddo » Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:43 pm

Neat mod!

When you bridge ports 4 and 7, does this enable the aux function to be used or sets the headunit to only ever operate in six mode?

I’m hoping I can find out how to do the same to a Gen1 headunit. I realise it will be different.



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