think I need help setting up wifi hotspot

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think I need help setting up wifi hotspot

Post by steptoe » Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:46 am

think is an understatement :)

I have before managed to physically tether last phone to PC and sap it that way. New phone socket is roo ted so need to upgrade connection skills
[and to think I was reading about company developments in LAN back in 1988! no one believed me it would happen :) )

Win XP on a PC desktop (google it ! ) Dongle will even work with WIN2000 !

who.r.we green gremlin type OS? in phone

got a dongle dig i tech from jay car


plugged into PC after running its driver disc like structions say

now setting up security
yes had to google AP ! Access Point I recognise as my phone has it somewhere

I want to be able to sap the GB credits from my phone to use it to xmit to the PC mounted dongle

I wonder

wifi in phone settings need to be on ? Switch off after god practice not to share data ?

In phone> settings I have

SIM management


when I turn it on get an active status, names my phone model.

touched something and got Basic settings

Keep wifi hotspot on

set up wifi hotspot - clue ?

aha, in wifi hotspot set up
has network SSID - names phone

Security WPA2PSK

Password - 12 full stops

and next box allows show password, so ticked and written password under keyboard if any1 looking for it ;)

WPS connect is greyed out

bandwidth usage greyed out

then connected users, blocked users data both zero TF !

phone screen goes off, back on has an icon top left, enlarged is a antennae style dish radiating with 0 connected, 0 blocked
Data usage
More > aeroplane mode
..........Tethering and Portable hotspot >turn wifi on and leave it on ??

Hotspot & tethering settings IPv4 > choice of v4 or 4 and v6

In the security tab on PC screen, must I enter than PIN on the device and every device I wanna hook up ?


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Post by TOONGA » Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:23 am

You really do over complicate things don't you :)

make sure you are near your computer with the computer wifi dongle activated

Turn your phones wifi off turn its portable hotspot on

if you have the code make sure the phone hasn't changed it (sometimes the change automatically for security? reasons)

go to your computer wifi connection and look for your phone

click to connect when you find your phone, when asked for the code enter it in XP it will want the same code twice. Tick the box to connect automatically.

You should now have internet via your phone.

I know I did :)

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Post by steptoe » Mon Nov 23, 2015 9:27 pm

it has to be easy peasy going by the looks of some people that have done this :D

I have PIN codes and passwords - lucky me

Thanks TOONGs
I'll give it a go tomorrow maybe .....

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