Exiga stall problem

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Exiga stall problem

Post by eagerex » Sun Aug 20, 2023 1:48 pm

My 2010 (Liberty) has a vexatious problem with random stalling when having to stop quickly.

When stopping quickly (the amber to red that you're not going to run this time) or the tool that turns in front of you at a roundabout, the engine will shudder and oftentimes stall. It restarts readily enough though, and most times me or Mrs can get in first by popping it into neutral when we feel the motor shudder.

I took it to a Subie specialist, who then referred me to a particular auto tranny mob. I got lost in the technical talk; something about the thrust whozamejiggle and because it's a CVT; apparently not an uncommon problem with cars that have the Lineartronic tranny. Then the guy told me what it would cost and how long they'd need the car for.

At which point another acronym was looming - me requiring CPR! Apparently it would cost $7K (yes with 3 zeros) and they'd need the car for a whole month.

I know there are times when we must do - and fork out - for our cars for what is needful, but does that quote sound a tad excessive?

I'd like to know what all of your thoughts are, notably if there's any other auto tranny places can do the same for less, or for less time, or both.

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Re: Exiga stall problem

Post by El_Freddo » Sun Aug 20, 2023 11:30 pm

G’day Eagerex,

That’s certainly not a bill you’d want to take on at the moment - or ever, who wants a bill ever?

Anyway, interesting issue and one in a vehicle that I haven’t played with before. I’ve read issues with the CVT in the states and some private workshop operators that reckon they’re hot garbage at best.

How many kms has the CVT done?

To me it kind of sounds like the CVT isn’t moving internally quick enough to unlock from the engine. I’m no specialist here, this is just speculation.

Where are you located? I guess the best bet is to do an online search for transmission specialists and start making inquiries. Then prepare to have about the same dished out to you.

It’d be good if we knew what the whozamejiggle was.

Also look into a replacement CVT to see if that’s an option where you buy and fit a reconditioned unit with your old one being the core exchange to be reconditioned and sold on again. This could be a viable option too.

Let us know how you go.


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